Shenzhen Guoxin RONGTONG Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August, 2007, is a professional EMS Electronic Manufacturing Service technology enterprise. SINOSURE focuses on providing customers with integrated one-stop service for electronic product design, material procurement, SMT patch, dip plug-in, complete machine assembly, function test and packaging; SINOSURE is one of the famous one-stop service providers of electronic products in Shenzhen. Besides producing its own products, the company also undertakes ODM, OEM and incoming processing of related electronic products, including SMT, post welding and assembly. There are more than 200 employees, including 30 technical and management personnel. Now, it has 2000 square meters of standard production workshop, complete supporting facilities, six production lines of SMT (mvif Panasonic and ip45fv-nen Samsung patch machine), PCB plug-in, welding and finished product assembly, and equipped with special ROHS environmental protection production line, and a long-term cooperation provider for supporting bonder (520 bonder). The company has obtained ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and has comprehensively implemented the Rosh process. In order to meet the needs of different customers and products, the company has developed and produced a number of production processes to improve production efficiency and ensure quality and delivery period.

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